The Anunnaki Live Band

The Anunnaki Live Band

The Anunnaki are proud to present a new hardcore concept!

Hardcore must keep the same energy and drive that makes it so addictive but it's time to evolve!

That's why the Anunnaki have formed the very first ever Hardcore Live Band.

Imagine what happens if you put on stage a crazy electronic guitar player, a she-hardcore deejay, an incredible female drummer and a black high-pitched MC from the ghetto!

Cristian, a.k.a. Frenchcore artist Dom, is the founder and the leader of the band: after reaching out the most important dancefloors such as MOH, Dominator, Army of Hardcore, Pandemonium, he wanted to break the boundaries of the sound and he has launched a new musical project: The Anunnaki together with Laura, Helly and Frantz.

Laura is his partner on stage while Helly is an hi-talented drummer who has been touring for more than a decade, being on stage also with well known rock bands such as Skunk Anansie.

Whereas Frantz is a cutting edge hardcore MC whose flow reminds The Ultimate MC's one!

The Anunnaki are now ready to revolutionize the scene with this unprecedented performance: let's make this act a pearl in your hardcore line up.