Ivan Borsati, aka Reevoid, approach to the hardcore music since he's really young;

at the age of 12 he hears the first songs of this kind of music and immediately understand that this music's gonna be daily part of his life.

He starts to produce and deejaying as a joke with his friend Lele H, and they create the duo "Evee & Lele H".

In 2009, they win a contest on HardestMusic with their track "Supremacy", and they approach to their first label, T-Noise, where they have some releases and they can improve their skills and perform professionally.

After a long and intense period together, Ivan decides to start a new project alone, he approach to the prestigious Sonic Solution and he discover a new world, from that he create his new project as Reevoid.

After he had his first release with the track "Execution" on Next Cyclone (the sub label of Traxtorm Records), Ivan is working in and out of the studio for a really big project, so stay tuned and join with us!